Terms of Service
Must agree to these Terms to Enter the Website
If you are related to any mmorpg company such as (TQ Net Dragon, Lawyer or Lawsuit) paid or un-paid you are legaly bound to press Disagree. If you Argee to our T.O.S you may not be related to any companies listed above paid or un-paid.

Once you read all our Rules and you agree to everything stated on the T.O.S you may continue and click agree long as you do not apply to anything related to the first 3 lines. We have no liability for lost registration links or misplaced info related to your account. If you use any CrazyCO service, you are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account and password and for restricting access to your computer, and you agree to accept responsibility for all activities that occur under your account or password. Any info registered on CrazyCO will not be distributed to any other servers or companies including User Privacy and more.

1. No Racism!
2. English public language!
3. Dont Spam in chat or in game
4. Talking about other servers result bann for ever
5. Set up a warehouse password! & Do not share Accounts.
6. No Advertising, It will result in IP & Account bans

Chat Rules
1. There Shall Not Be Any Trading/Selling Accounts
2. No offensive language such as (Cussing $ Racism)
3. No spamming or asking about servers
4. No Advertising, It will result in IP & Account bans
5. No Asking For Mod, PM or GM

Rules In Game
1. No spamming in BroadCast
2. No selling/Trading of accounts this will get your Account Banned
3. No AFK Accounts Around This Will Get You Kicked
4. Blocking NPC's from being used by other players will get you Kicked
5. No Bots or Hacks This Will Get Your IP Banned & Accounts
6. If you donate you cant get your money back = No Refunds